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CezWho is Cesar Cobo

I’m a 37 year old entrepreneur from Miami, Fl. I have a business degree from Florida International University and I’ve worked in the Sales Industry for over 15 years. I started my online marketing career about 6 years ago, while I was working full time as an insurance agent. Eventually, I was able to transition into following my passion and working online full-time. My experience as an online entrepreneur has taken me into many areas of online marketing. I am an expert at creating sales funnels, managing SEO and branding. I enjoy helping people in their business endeavors and creating win-win situations. I strongly believe that what goes around comes around, and when you help people get the things they want in life, you will ultimately get the things that you want. So here’s my story…

My humble beginnings

I didn’t get into the Online Marketing industry because I hated my job. I wasn’t broke or on the verge of financial calamity. Those are common reasons for why many people come into this industry. While the rags to riches story is very compelling, it certainly isn’t mine. I got into this business because at the time, I wanted an extra income stream and was looking for business opportunity that didn’t require a lot of money to start.

Like many people who decide to start working online, my first taste of online marketing was in network marketing. While I eventually found my way gravitating toward other business models, I must say that network marketing was where I established my roots and also met a lot of instrumental people that helped me along my journey. I learned a lot about the “techy” side of marketing as well as the intangible side from a lot of leaders in the industry.

Learning the marketing skills to become a successful online entrepreneur actually created a huge unexpected benefit for me – it’s actually helped me grow my offline business! Being a part-time online marketer, I am a testament to the fact that you do not need to do this full-time or quit your day job in order to make money online. You can absolutely do this part-time and be successful; however, it DOES take work and investment of time and/or money. Do not be fooled into thinking that this is a get rich quick industry. The reason so many people fail to make money in this industry is not because the business model doesn’t work, it’s because they don’t work. Network Marketing is not a magic pill that going to solve all your problems today. It is a long-term, relationship building business with the potential to build wealth over time.

My Rough Start

When I got started in this business,  I didn’t know anything about Online Marketing. In fact, I have to admit I did the painful friends and family chasing in my first Network Marketing venture. Like most people, I struggled mightily in the beginning. I sponsored a whopping 2 people into my first Network Marketing deal. Needless to say, I made NO money. I didn’t mind so much that I wasn’t making money, fortunately, I wasn’t counting on this to pay my bills, but failing was a shot to my ego. I hate to lose or fail at ANYTHING! The fact that I was not successful actually bothered me more than not making any money.

I stayed in that company for about a year before I eventually quit. Not only was I not making money, but I was losing money because I had to pay a monthly auto ship. The 2 people I brought in eventually also quit. Even though I quit that business, I didn’t quit on Network Marketing. I knew there had to be a way to make this work. I thought maybe I just didn’t have the right product. Maybe I needed to find a company with a better product.

For the next 6 months or so, I jumped around from one company to another trying to find the “right one”. After about my third company, I finally STOPPED THE MADDNESS! I realized that it didn’t matter what company or product I was selling – PEOPLE DON’T CARE ABOUT YOUR STUPID COMPANY OR PRODUCT! Even if I wanted to, I didn’t have the time to go around pitching my business to anyone who would listen. I was never a fan of harassing friends and family or people at checkout lines. That just wasn’t my style. I knew I had to find a better way to make sales.

How I Discovered Online Marketing

I turned my attention from researching companies to researching how to market more effectively. What I discovered was that the people who were having success in Network Marketing niche were doing so by marketing THEMSELVES, not their company. They also had an automated sales funnel working for them 24/7 using the most powerful tool known to man- The Internet. I decided I was going to learn how to market online. I bought course after course to educate myself. I was hoarding information for months! I figured if I learned it all, and become an expert, it would be good to go.

The problem was that after about 6 months of doing nothing but learning, I ended up more bewildered and confused than I was when I started. This is the phenomenon known as “information overload”. I caught myself doing the same thing with information that I was doing before with companies – jumping around from place to place. I would finish a course, then find another one that seemed a little better and buy that one. Instead of TAKING ACTION using what I had already learned, I just did more learning. I did too much learning, not enough earning!

My Breakthrough

I finally decided to put an end to this vicious cycle and put my pride aside and just go out and take action! I’m a perfectionist by nature and extremely analytical (sometimes to a fault). I hate feeling like a “newbie” at anything. Unfortunately, you can’t become an expert by sitting behind your computer taking course after course. Online Marketing is a hands on sport. You have to get your hands dirty to play. I stopped buying courses. I vowed not buy a single course again until I started making money with the skills I already learned. Spending more time and money on learning was POINTLESS!

When I finally began taking action, wouldn’t you know it, I started making money!  Not a ton of money, but who cares! It was more than what I had made up until that point. More important than the money was the fact that I was making progress. I was no longer wasting time “pitching” my business to the wrong people. Instead I was getting targeted leads from people who actually WANTED what I had to offer. Up until that point, Network Marketing had not been fun. It’s hard to have fun at something you’re not successful at.

Why I Can Help YOU

I’m someone who can relate to the struggling Online Marketer. It wasn’t very long ago that I was struggling myself, making no money and not having any fun. The most important thing is that I didn’t give up. I used my temporary failure as a learning experience and it motivated me to keep pushing. My breakthrough came while researching online and coming across blogs like this one. My hope is that people will find this blog helpful in their own journey.

The biggest advice I can give anyone who’s struggling in Online Marketing is to TAKE ACTION! It doesn’t PAY be book smart in this business. If you want to have success, YOU HAVE TO TAKE MASSIVE ACTION, PERIOD. The one thing that people who fail IN ANYTHING have in common is they don’t take the right actions. You can buy all the courses out there and learn everything there is to know, but if you don’t take ACTION, nothing is going to happen. I’ve been able to build my Online business by helping others build their business – even if they don’t join my business! And I can help you do the same. This is an industry built around reciprocity. Only those who offer value will attract others. If you learn and implement the skills needed to effectively market yourself online, your days of struggling for every painstaking sale will be OVER!

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